Python for Managers

Learn Python, One of the most required and fastest growing language in the industry for all domains such as Web, Data, Mobile and AI.

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Lets know more about the course

All About Python
  • What, How and Why?
  • Learning Programming
  • About Different Languages
  • Let's Kick Off
  • Environment Setup
  • Different Data Types
  • Working with Variables
  • Strings & more
  • String Data Type
  • String Extraction
  • String Manipulation
  • Intro to Functions
  • Input & Output
  • Return Statement
  • Function Operations
  • Control Flow
  • Logical Operations
  • If-Else Flow
  • Loops
  • Listing Stuff
  • Lists & Indexing
  • Dictionaries
  • For Loop
  • Data & Python
  • Pre-Defined Functions
  • Pandas & Dataframes
  • Reading & Writing Files
  • More Data
  • Filtering & Plotting
  • Joins in Python
  • Aggregations in Python
  • Let's Explore more
  • Python & Excel
  • Intro to Automation
  • Intro to Selenium
  • ..and more.
  • Intro to API's
  • Intro to Regex
  • Intro to Web Scraping
  • According to Github, Python was the second most popular programming language in 2020.


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    "On an Entrepreneurial Journey" - Harshit Dwivedi

    Harshit is the Founder and CEO at AfterShoot Inc., a startup building AI powered tools that help photographers do more with their time by automating the boring and mundane parts of their workflow. He is a Google Developer Expert and a renowned tech speaker.

    4 July, 2021

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