Data Analytics Bootcamp

With SQL and Tableau. Learn Data Analytics and Visualisation which are the foundation of Data, Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence. Start your journey into the world of Data.

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All About Data
Learn about the origin of Data and how it is generated and stored. Get familiar with the various types of Data and how tables are structured.
Introduction to SQL
Learn the basics of Database Management Systems and more. How to Create, Insert and Manipulate Data.
SQL Aggregations
All about functions and mathematical operations in SQL. How to manipulate data using these functions.
Get familiar with writing complex and multi level queries by breaking them down into multiple manageable sections.
RDBMS and Joins
Learn how to utilize and manipulate realtions between tables and the core concepts on How different JOINS work in SQL.
Intro to Business Intelligence
Learn about Business Analytics and various BI tools. Also, how Data is added to Tableau for Analysis and Visualization.
Filters and Grouping
Applying Static and Dynamic Filters in Tableau. Using Logical conditions and search based filtering.
Adding more Depth
Getting deeper into hierarchies and Marks in Tableau to add more depth and detail in your Analysis.
Calculated and Logical
Learn how to use Data Analysis Expressions (DAX) in Tableau. Create calculated fields and columns.
Dashboards and Stories
Present and Share your visualizations and analysis to others via Dashboards and Stories.

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- November

"Jobs in the Cloud" - Akshit Jain

Akshit paved his way to becoming a Program Manager at Google Cloud from being an Android Developer at a startup. He has been part of the learning & development ecosystem for a long time now and has also led a community of more than 30k students in his last job at Udacity. He specializes in training and helping higher education students find a career path for themselves in the cloud.

8 November, 2020

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