Short Term Programs

Kickstart and dive into the world of Design, UI/UX, Branding & Analytics. Learn with our live online classes guided by an industry expert mentor.
7 Weeks Program including 4 week internship & major projects.

Why learn with Skillto?

Live Classes

True learning happens in a classroom. With our Live Online Classes, You can join from anywhere around the world.

Major Projects

Our major projects are structured to give you real-world experience. They are guided by mentors with years of experience.


Since we've launched, Skillto has delivered 300+ Bootcamps. We have taught 10,000+ people via various programs.

0 Theory

We focus on a practical approach in our Programs, preferring to learn-by-doing. We teach what the market needs.


We focus highly on Project Reviews & Mentorship. You can actually talk to your mentor directly via call or WhatsApp chat.

Small Batches

We run a small batch of around 15 students. This helps us provide quality & personalization to each student.


Skillto is trusted by 20,000+ Designers & Developers across specialties. We're proud to have such a diverse community.


Our Live Bootcamps have a 98% completion rate and we take pride in supporting every student who enrolls in our Programs.

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About our Bootcamps!

Live Online

Our Live classes are greatly interactive. See things in action & connect with top instructors with years of experience.

Pratical Learning

You'll be working on a series of mini and major projects to add to your portfolio. These help students to learn by doing.


Post the learning period you will go through a internship cum trainings period where you will work on projects to make your resume shine.

1:1 Support

As well as learning live, you'll have the opportunity to get direct feedback and guidence from your mentors for all your queries.

Interview Prep

With a dedicated team helping you practice interview via mocks and guide you on how to nail the interviews.


A dedicated comminuty of learners, experts and freelancers. Participate, learn, earn and network with a diverse set of people.

Master Sessions

Learn new trends and tools with our weekly master sessions with experts from leading companies in the industry.


You will be awarded an ISO certified certificate with a unqiue URL that you can showcase to your peers and recruiters alike.

We have rave Reviews!

Our alumni of students means everything to us and we're grateful to have placed them in top companies.
"I Wholeheartedly endorse Skillto as a top-notch provider of UI/UX design education, with its expertly structured course materials & highly approachable Instructors highly approachable instructors who are always ready to offer support and guidance."
Jitendra Kumar
AI Educator, Hyderabad
"I am happy to say all the Hard work has paid off, and I was able to grab an opportunity in the same field shortly after completing the course. I am now working as a data analyst, and owe my success to the excellent training I received at this institution. Overall, I would highly recommend this data analytics course to anyone looking to enter the field or upskill themselves. It is an investment in your future that will pay off in countless ways."
Aether Enterprises, Pune
"I owe my successful career as a UI/UX Designer to Skillto's personalized approach, including Portfolio Optimization, Resume Building and interview coaching along with industry connections leading to my employment at a top company in the field."
Liveatlife, Bangalore
"I highly recommend Skillto for their comprehensive UI/UX design training program with experienced industry professionals, hands-on projects, and exceptional career services, resulting in my successful placement as a UI/UX Designer"
Pipra Solutions, Hyderabad
"I recently completed the Data Analytics Program, and I must say it was a life-changing experience for me. The course not only provided me with a strong foundation in the fundamentals of data analytics but also taught me practical applications of the concepts. The hands-on projects and real-world case studies gave me a glimpse of the actual work in the field. I would highly recommend this course to anyone who wants to enter the field of data analytics or advance their existing skills."
Prompt Cloud, Bangalore
"I highly recommend Skillto for their expert instruction in UI/UX design, including deep knowledge of tools like Figma and Illustrator, resulting in improved skills and confidence in tackling any design project. THANKYOU SKILLTO !! "
Jungle Works, Chandigarh

Got more Questions?

Chances are at this stage you have a couple questions. We encourage our students to ask questions directly and you can arrange a quick call with us anytime.

Are there any prerequisites for this program?

This is a beginner friendly program where you learn from scracth. It does not have any formal prerequisites. Just dedication and curiosity is more than enough!

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Are the classes conducted Live? What if I miss a Class?

The Sessions are interactive and completely live on Zoom. Although we encourage you to attend live but all are sessions are also recorded and the link to the recording is sent the very next day along with all the resources. You will have indefinite access to the class recordings once you graduate.

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What if I have a question? How to connect to someone?

From day one you are assigned a mentor specific to your batch. You can drop a direct whatsapp or schedule a call if an when necessary. You will also be assigned a student counselor to help you keep track of your projects and progress.

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How much time I need to dedicate to this Program?

There are two classes a week of around 90+ minutes each. Additionally,We expect you to put atleast 1 hour a day for your assignments and projects routinely for best absorption of the content. During your Internship we expect you to put atleast 2 hours a day for your major projects to get the most out of them.

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What’s included with the Bootcamp Programs?

The Bootcamps includes 3 Weeks of learning portion and 1 months of In-House Internship. This is a Unpaid Internship geared to give you a exposure of how projects are built and how they are delivered to clients or your senior. You will also get attend our Career Building, & Master Sessions with Industry Experts. After Graduation you will join our Discord Community and Lifetime Recording Access.

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Skillto v/s Others?

For a more personalized teaching we cap our classrooms at around 15 students.

Our Programs differ from typical online courses due to our live and immersive learning experience. Typical online courses offer 60hr+ of videos behind a paywall and have approximately a 12.6% completion rate.

We proudly measure a 98% completion rate from students.  So, instead of trying to teach yourself by googling at a video, you’ll join a fun class and be taught live through our practical approach!

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